Travelogue 06 – Nature’s Call

It was wild boars that were supposed be in the beautiful forest. Every time I walked through it, small rustling sounds of leaves shivering, dead branches falling, a gentle breeze – I thought I was going to see one. The biggest four legged animal that I saw, not considering thousands of mice, was this squirrel. It did not like me much I think. I must have scared it a little. It jumped at a nearby tree within a blink of my eyes, stayed still for a few seconds as if like an outgrowth from the stem. And then went up till it thought it was beyond enough my reach . Sun was setting behind the dark green hills that formed a glorious background of the silhouette of its fluffy brown tail. It looked at me with indifferent contempt, and shat…

Brennender Berg

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and take a dump” – Ralph Weirdo Emerson

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