A Philanthroper’s day out

It just so happened that all of it was true. The mazy way of setting the panels came naturally to demonstrate my generally confused state of mind – however the code is to read it like a book…

a philanthroper’s-day-out




6 thoughts on “A Philanthroper’s day out

    • [1] just felt fluttery 🙂

      [2] sorry, may be i should mention that all the cartoons (mazes :)) are to be read up to down in case there’s one image in each row, or like a normal book, in case there’re more than one images in one row.
      thanks for pointing it out.

  1. Cat was philanthropic – spared you the trouble of finding you. Also gave you the opportunity to be philanthropic – let you share your bed (willy-nilly). Moral of the story – don’t look for opportunities outside. Just look outside the window at your cat. Answer to all your questions.

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