Lying is Sin – A Poem

This is out of my usual tendencies to corrupt the moral senses of innocent children by twisting popular folk and fairy tales into the grotesque. It might be because of the weather but I’m in a mood of uploading some more of this kind, but none so lyrical:

lying is a sin


9 thoughts on “Lying is Sin – A Poem

  1. Q : If lying is sin, then shouldn’t chopping someone’s tongue off and eating her/his goat off be a somewhat greater sin? For that matter, shouldn’t killing the wolf be a sin, since it probably was just out to get some fresh air and was simply sweating (or whatever it is that canines do). Also, I’m not sure if an entire wolf can stomach an entire shepherd can stomach an entire goat can be stomached, let alone oesophagusaphied. But that is a metaphilosophical question.

    Which reminds me…the other day we were discussing if might be actually possible for us to slice a goat’s throat and kill it and skin it and cut it and roast/cook it and then eat it. Turns out a lot of people will get turned even by the very thought of this, even though they are confirmed non-vegetarians.

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