Travelogue 11 – Turtle dance! (Reblogged)

There were two reasons I wanted to reblog this for. One, I really liked it. Two, all of us – students of this one particular mathematical institute at Chennai (situated quite near to the beach; Ravi is a research scholar in the department of Physics here) – planned of joining the turtle walk a hundred times and chewed on that planned without really making it happen over years, whereas Ravi just did it.

yet another horizon...

The following is an account of a few things I have learned first-hand on night walks during this ‘turtle season’. I have chosen to stick to the happier part of the story but that is by no means all of it.

For a few weeks now I have been walking on Friday nights on a stretch of the beach that runs northwards from Neelankarai to the south of the Adyar estuary in Besant Nagar, Chennai:

(We walk along the beach.)

These walks have often been exhausting but that has hardly kept me away from walking by the Bay on Friday (and sometimes Saturday) nights. Partly because I like the idea of spending a night walking by a dark sea, listening to the white waves, staring up at the twinkling stars and planets, and often bathing in the moonlight. But more so because there’s beauty to be witnessed and a lesson…

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