Manole the master mason

This is based on the story of master mason Manole – the Romanian mythological architect. This comes in the 36th page of the book that I would write some day or never. Made the drawing more than a year back. Such a relief at finally having finished it yesterday. No clue how I came up with this, deviating/reinterpreting from the original story, but what the heck. For one thing, it seems I drew Manole with his tongue out and I suspect I was thinking of a gender reversal of Kali when I did that. In any case what do you do when you make regular mistakes in life such as stepping on your husband or incidentally/accidentally strangling your wife? We Bengalis bite our tongue and regret, such as this:

Also Manole is soon going to be a dead man – already is – having killed his beloved wife for a stupid monastery and a cruel prince. The tongue-out, blank look might just be a premonition of the end! Who knows!


Drawn with micron pens and later (because the scan quality is sh**) contrast-edited with gimp, using a xerox filter to give it a look of an old book that nobody issues (and nobody will) from the library. Here is the picture without the write up.


Apparently the wife was pregnant too! Yikes! I wonder whether Manole got time to finish the lunch that she was carrying for him before he got thrashed himself!

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