Animal Doodles with the Kid

Mica Angela Hendricks is surely one of the most delightful moms I’ve ever seen. I got hooked to her blog since I came to see this post and have immensely enjoyed every single project she has posted about. And of course what wonderful paintings! I’m a complete fan now.

I mean come on! I’m deprived, okay? Here is a glimpse of my mom for example –

Doesn’t look very friendly, does she? However I wish I could go back and do some such cool projects with her!

busy mockingbird

So we’ve been drawing animals lately, my daughter and I…

speedy turtle-e

After the post about the collaborative illustrations I did with our 4-year old daughter lit up, I was flooded with a ton of wonderful, inspiring ideas from people all over the world. Make some kid ones!  Make some happier ones!  Make one that looks like your daughter!

And we did.  And we had so much fun.  The thing is, when we made them the first time, it’s not something that was very well-planned out.  It happened initially by chance.  It was, as Bob Ross said, a “happy accident.”  We did it for fun, just because it was something we loved to do together.

But sometimes I found myself trying very hard to draw faces that I thought people would like.  As an illustrator, I am VERY comfortable working with other peoples’ ideas.  But when I try too hard on my…

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