Mademoiselle Laocoon

Random drawing (gimped) sort of inspired from Laocoon and his sons and vaguely from Saturn devouring his son though it’s not clear who is devouring whom in this one, or if anybody is devouring anything at all for that matter.

Or, like a friend of mine commented – ‘I really like the Laocoon etc… Tho’ to me it looked like Kali ma first and was wondering why shiv is running away and looking so small!’


Mademoieselle Laocoon

After finishing this I got obsessed with Laocoon for a while and saw these various awesome reproductions based on Laocoon here, here, here and here.

Here is the rough version of the drawing and I in fact prefer this one; the upward face looks more upward-like (it was bit of an effort to get there, and then screwed it up later somehow) and in any case my sense of colour sucks etc.

mademoiselle laocoon unplugged

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