Manole the master mason

This is based on the story of master mason Manole – the Romanian mythological architect. This comes in the 36th page of the book that I would write some day or never. Made the drawing more than a year back. Such a relief at finally having finished it yesterday. No clue how I came up with this, deviating/reinterpreting from the original story, but what the heck. For one thing, it seems I drew Manole with his tongue out and I suspect I was thinking of a gender reversal of Kali when I did that. In any case what do you do when you make regular mistakes in life such as stepping on your husband or incidentally/accidentally strangling your wife? We Bengalis bite our tongue and regret, such as this:

Also Manole is soon going to be a dead man – already is – having killed his beloved wife for a stupid monastery and a cruel prince. The tongue-out, blank look might just be a premonition of the end! Who knows!


Drawn with micron pens and later (because the scan quality is sh**) contrast-edited with gimp, using a xerox filter to give it a look of an old book that nobody issues (and nobody will) from the library. Here is the picture without the write up.


Apparently the wife was pregnant too! Yikes! I wonder whether Manole got time to finish the lunch that she was carrying for him before he got thrashed himself!


One more parody of popular fairy tales –  loosely based on Grimm’s Frog Prince.

Incidentally, and it has got nothing to do with the cartoon here, it seems I didn’t know the end of this story in full details till I uploaded it here. Apparently the Frog Prince had a faithful servant named Henry, who waited for his master with his carriage and his eight horses, and with three iron belts laid round his heart so that it didn’t fall apart. Love this. This itself calls for another cartoon!

By the way the name is inspired by Lars von Trier’s superb film Dogville, a real shame if one has not watched it yet.