My girlfriends part 5

This is the fifth part of this comics, elaborating more on M. The lady in the third block of the first row holding the stick is St. Dymphna. She is a patron saint of family happiness and incidentally had an extremely screwed up childhood herself, being chased around by her father till she was killed, due to the fact that her father found her features muck alike his beloved dead wife. She is also a saint for nervous folks in the Christian world. Unlike Marx, who holds the red book in the previous post, she hangs around with a green book.


The drawings are uglier than usual in this one since I made it in a hurry just to get out of the inertia.

The series starts here and continues here.

My girlfriends part 2

Starts with K, not the oldest but my second oldest girlfriend. How did I miss the first one – was I not so devoted to her? That can not be so. I’ll plunge into my subconscious regarding this forgetfulness and come back to her later. But even before K or the yet unmentioned one, all of it starts with…


The series starts here.

My girlfriends part 1

The first in the series My girlfriends. All characters are stark real. Any similarity to any fictitious character is purely unintentional and coincidental.

I have been postponing uploading these for ages thinking that I would finish the series some day, but well.

Also, this is my first first sincere effort to make a full size comics.