Travelogue 05 – Self Flagellation

“Of course, living is another way of killing oneself: its drawback is that it takes so horribly long” -Imre Kertesz

Few days back I visited a new continent.

It was full of friendly angels with halos around their head. I had lunch with them everyday.

I am a boor when it comes to cutlery. Besides I was nervous by the aura of their halos.

The lunch table discussions were often illuminating, but I was busy with my self-flagellation. It can be fun.

Introspecting my sorry and envious soul was as good as visiting a new continent every other day.

Time to time, when others were not looking, I would give it a shot to enhance my non-existent self-confidence.

But all of a sudden the conversation would turn my way, choking me a bit.

Everything was so VERY beautiful there. And I probably had better sleep than I ever had in my life.

Self Flagellation


10 thoughts on “Travelogue 05 – Self Flagellation

  1. (a) Cutlery C-Hirality : You can always pretend to be left-handed. In hindsight, maybe you should have named this post Cutlery C-Hilarity.

    (b) Is zat an owl or a cat in ze window?

    (c) What did left-halo-guy mean when he asked about the concept of distance in India? Does he think we measure distance in light-years? Does he think we think _they_ measure distance in picometres?

  2. 🙂

    no i think the question really meant what we understand by “far” in india. e.g. in india “far” might have meant ten miles, and in little prince’s planet it would have meant couple of steps…

  3. Here’s an example : i was in Bengalooru a couple of years back for a school, and met a couple of limeys there. After some conversation we got on the topic of distance measurement. Apparently, England is as wide as the distance from Mumbai to Pune. We did not quite wiki-check this, but this was a ballpark figure. Germany I think is wider than England, but possibly not by much.

    By the way, hope you like this :

    • wow 🙂 thanks for that. though i HAVE TO admit here that the joke is totally on my own insecurities…the people there (and it’s not only germans, it was an assortment of many) were really too nice.

  4. Excellent drawings, but self-flagellation was entirely unnecessary. As a Bengali you should know well… halos are hollows.

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